Block ice machine FIB-300D

Model: FIB-300D

Subject Unit Technical parameter
Power supply Voltage/Phase/Frequency 380V/3P/50Hz
Refrigerant   R22 or R404A
Capacity Kg/day 30000
Cooling way   Water cooling
Temperature Ambient temperature 35
Waterinlet temperature 20
Operating power Total running power Kw 113.55
Installment power Kw 150
Cooling tower fan Kw 3.7
Cooling water pump Kw 7.5
Operating power of cold water pump Kw 0.75
Compressor Manufacturer   Bitzer
Refrigeration capacity Kw 236.4
Operating power Kw 101.6
Compressor COP/EER Kw/kw 2.3
Horse power Hp 40×4sets
Working time Ice making time h 7.5
Ice falling off time h 0.5
Dimension Weight of block ice Kg/block 50
Size of block ice (L×W×H)(mm) 480×160×700
Size of unit modular (L×W×H)(mm) 3200×2000×2200
Number of evaporator   6PC
Size of evaporator modular (L×W×H)(mm) 4800×1000×2200
Size of cooling tower (O.D.×H)(mm) Ф3300×2785
Size of water feeding pipe of cooling tower   1-1/4"
Size of cooling water pipes   5"
Size of water feeding pipe   11-1/4"
Operating weight Unit Kg 3500
Evaporator Kg 2860
Cooling tower Kg 2730
Water supply pressure requirement Bar 1