Focusun block ice machine

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Focusun has accumulated rich experience in the fields of direct and brine refrigeration. The standard weight & size of block ice Focusun produce are listed in the table below. The size of the block ice can also be customized to meet your special requirement.

Weight(kg/block) Dimension(L*W*H mm) Ice Making Time(Hour) Batch(times)
5 120×100×460 5.5 4
10 155×100×700 5.5 4
15 185×125×700 7.5 3
20 245×125×700 7.5 3
25 315×125×700 7.5 3
50 480×160×700 11.5 2

Block Ice

Block ice has a big advantage compared to other forms of ice in tropical countries. Storing, handling and transporting can all be simplified if the ice is in the form of large blocks. Simplifying the ice production process (storing, handling and transporting) is often essential in small-scale fisheries and in relatively remote areas. Moreover, under the same condition, block ice has the longest storage period.