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Focusun indirect brine system block ice machine uses salt water as heat transfer medium. Temperature goes down to -5 Degrees Celsius through its heat exchange with refrigerant, then cold brine water continue to cool water in the ice cans. The ice produced could be delivered to ice storage or be crushed immediately as per customers' usage requirements. ice could be delivered to ice storage or be crushed immediately as per customers' usage requirements. As it is quite solid, difficult to melt, easy to store and transport, the block ice produced by brine method is very popular among coastal and tropical areas. Focusun continues to provide brine system block ice machine with improved technology to meet different ice requirements from customers.

Equipment features

  • Ti pipe is used as evaporative coil to improve the heat transfer effect, and its stainlessness, anti-corrosion can guarantee the long service time.
  • The stainless PE part between the brine and the fresh water is proper to mode and weld. And it works very well in a cold condition.
  • Energy saving: Power consumption is approx 70kw/Ton. Thus, less electricity is consumed.
  • The density of ice produced by brine system is 840~880kg/m3. Ice is therefore, very solid.
  • The meticulous design of ice thawing tank and ice dumping unit allows easy operation.
  • Modular and integrated design ensures that it is easy to ship, move and install on the spot.
  • Every brine refrigeration block ice machine can be customized to our clients' requirements.

Brine refrigeration block ice machine technical parameter

Model Capacity Refrigerant Electricity consumption Installment power Operating weight Dimension
-- Ton/D -- Kw Kw Kg mm
FIB-50B 5 R22/R404A 21.14 25 Unit L1400×W1000×H1250
Evaporator L4800×W1000×H2250
Cooling tower Ф1380×H2170
FIB-100B 10 R22/R404A 40.69 50 Unit:1680 L1800×W1000×H1450
Evaporator:2860×2 L4800×W1000×H2250
Cooling tower:670 Ф2000×H2410
FIB-150B 15 R22/R404A 60.60 75 Unit:2160 L2000×W1200×H1600
Evaporator:2860×3 L4800×W1000×H2250
Cooling tower:1120 Ф2175×H2565
FIB-200B 20 R22/R404A 88.50 105 Unit:2896 L2400×W1600×H1800
Evaporator:2860×4 L4800×W1000×H2250
Cooling tower:1300 Ф2650×H2645
FIB-250B 25 R22/R404A 98.80 120 Unit:3260 L3200×W1800×H2200
Evaporator:2860×5 L4800×W1000×H2250
Cooling tower:1630 Ф3050×H2780
FIB-300B 30 R22/R404A 120.30 150 Unit:3500 L3000×W2000×H2200
Evaporator:2860×6 L4800×W1000×H2250
Cooling tower:2730 Ф3300×H2785
Standard condition: Dry ball temperature is 33 ℃ and water inlet temperature is 20℃.