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Generally, working conditions are crucial for maintaining the stability and performance of an ice machine. Being containerized, the ice machine can work in a relatively isolated environment, where the ambient temperature can be controlled at 20℃-25℃.And all this facilitate the ice making process.

The whole container is specially treated and reinforced; this forms a perfect protection for the machine from physical damages, and outside dust.

Compared to the brine and direct refrigerating block ice machines, which requires to be fixed onto the plant ground, making transportation of the machine difficult, the containerized machine can be transported without problems.

Features of containerized block ice maker

  • Brand new ISO shipping container, in-house design decorated with lighting, drainage and exhaust system
  • Corrugated aluminum ground; slip resistant
  • The modular design helps anyone, regardless of experience, can operate the machine with ease.
  • The convenience in installation and transportation eliminates the extra costs and effort of building a new space to accommodate the machine
  • The entire system can keep an outstanding performance for years so that there is hardly any necessity for a trained engineer to be sent
  • Due to the special relationship Focusun hopes to establish, Focusun offers the customer exclusive rights to print their logos on the container without compromising the integrity of our product. However, the customer will need to apply for this exclusiveness.

Focusun offers the containerized ice block plant in both brine and direct model.

20'GP (20'X8'X8'6'') 40'HQ(40'X8'X9'8'')