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As part of our CSR, Focusun is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen through good business practices. We at Focusun believe that running business organization and being a good responsible citizen go hand-in-hand. A qualified corporation needs to bear its social responsibility in the process of coordinating and cooperating with others to achieving a win-win beneficial result in the environment, our community, society, all concerned groups, government and institutions.

Focusun does not believe that CSR is just a charitable and non-profitable activity, but rather reflects the potential opportunity to realize innovation and improve our competitive advantages. We always believe in the idea that efforts must be made to coordinate and integrate between core business service and management, and explore effective balance between environmental, social and economical benefits, creating comprehensive benefits for all parties.

Social responsibility is an important component for corporate strategy. In long successful history of development, Focusun has given great attention to the environment and the society we operate within, and unmistakably understand the real meaning of Social Responsibility. Focusun actively and positively regards company as the main body to bear social responsibility, and integrate the concept of social responsibility with our business activities.

Focusun China put great emphasizes on the values of human and nature in every process of our operations. We strongly believe that, only by consistently implementing and practicing social responsibilities can we establish a long-term corporate culture.

Social Responsibility should not be the duty of a particular person or department, but the common aspiration of all employees and departments. For the purpose of promoting good CSR practices, Focusun has planned to launch a series of training programs designated for corporate managers and popularized the ideas of social responsibility through internal media in our corporation.

Focusun always adheres to the concept of "care and assistance", which gives a strong drive for the company's future development, and realizes the ambition of being the global leading refrigeration company in the ice-making industry.