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Focusun is fully committed to adhering to its fine and long standing tradition of bringing together quality innovative and environmentally save and friendly products/services to its loyal customers through the constant review and proper practices of business ethics. With our strong professional diverse team, we strongly regard "Specialization, Teamship, Personalization, and Innovation" as core values of our corporation.


We aim to win you our clients' trust by providing professional innovative technology and service. Focusun has a number of project engineers with years of experience, providing professional technical supports and suggestions to our clients. Our core mission is to provide our clients with cost effective products and services, by which to the client greatly benefit from its leading ice-making technology.


Focusun realizes that the highest working efficiency can be obtained by advocating the spirit of team cooperation and giving the full play of the potential of every employee. At the same time, Focusun connects the overall interests of company with employees' own interests, creating an environment where every member devotes their whole energy into work in order to maximize their personal benefits.


Meeting the demands of every customer with personalized service attitude and increasing the cohesion among employees with personalized working attitude is what we Focusun people always keep doing. Focusun advocates the result-oriented spirit, and gradually practice the people-oriented philosophy.


Encouraging innovation is the best way to keep the growing momentum for a company. Focusun encourages innovation, meaning that we keep moving forward and see setbacks as an opportunity to improve in all business and personal areas. It is our policy here at Focusun to help promote innovation among employees. We therefore welcome, encourage and nurture creative innovative thinking employees regardless of their position or department in our organization. For successful creative innovative solutions, the employee innovator is rewarded to enhance their confidence.

Core value is the fundamental motivation for the inherent development of a company. The core value of Focusun is not only a code of conduct for company, but also a commercial regulation for running business. Focusun is committed to creating equal opportunity and collegial atmosphere which sets the platform for all employees to showcase their talent and full potentials.