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Focusun is committed to creating ice making machines with innovation and only high quality standards. In order to ensure every piece of refrigeration equipment produced by our factory meets the demand of our customers, Focusun selects the best supplier of spare parts in each process of manufacturing. The most professional engineers and the most sophisticated technologies on equipment testing have established a comprehensive quality control system.

Selection of suppliers of spare parts

In selecting suppliers for manufacturing parts, it is Focusun's philosophy only to choose suppliers of spare parts with guaranteed quality in order to guarantee quality and energy efficient of ice making machines. Only the leading brands their respective industry can be the strategic supplier of key components of Focusun products. Focusun integrates the world's advanced technology in ice making plant with years of experiences; thus, more than 80% of the spare parts used are directly imported from world-renowned suppliers. Therefore, our ice makers can withstand more than 12 years of problem-free operation through the integration of all the above guarantees.

Technical control in the process of manufacturing

Equipped with the technical know-how, eye for details and rigorous control, our professional engineers ensure every stage of manufacturing, from the simplest process of steel plate cutting to a more sophisticated installation of programming control system are well planned and correctly carried out.

Quality inspection on equipments

Every ice making machine manufactured from Focusun factory goes through strict test from our professional engineers, eliminating any possibility of low quality or faulty machines. Focusun always regards the quality of our ice machinery as the foundation for long-term development, and continuously improves the quality testing & control system.

6S production and management

Focusun leads the industry in implementing 6S production and management system. Under the ISO90001:2004 management regulation, we undertake every effort to do the best in every manufacturing process.
Focusun is committed to providing customer-centered service and constantly enrich and improve our quality control system, put in place by our unique quality management system.